A sample mobile device that supports the Switch’s screen upgrading to 12.5 inches

“Pavlo Khmel” shared a video clip showing the design of a mobile device model that supports upgrading the Switch gaming device to a larger 12.5-inch screen.

Nintendo presented its latest version of the Switch devices with a new upgrade in the 7-inch OLED screen, and reports have recently indicated that the next upgrade for the portable gaming device may target an increase in the screen size to 12.5 inches, and “Pavlo Khmel” shared a model that shows the expected design for the next version of the devices Switch.

The video clip shows a model of a mobile device that supports upgrading the Switch screen to a larger screen size with side consoles, and the device retains the main view of a portable gaming device.

This is the second attempt by “Pavlo Khmel” to clarify the expected design of the Switch device in the event of changing the screen size, and the model supports work with the Switch OLED version, unlike the first version, and the model also includes side speakers, and supports the original Joy-Con controllers from Nintendo.

The video clip also confirms the support of the larger screen for users with a better and more comfortable experience for the eye, and it also supports playing games with a resolution of 1080p, and it comes with a larger battery capacity that supports a charging life of up to 5 hours of playing games.


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