Apple supports watchOS 9 update in a more efficient way to save battery power

Apple supports smart watch users with a new and more efficient way to save battery by updating watchOS 9.

Apple introduces the new watchOS 9 update with a pattern that supports extending the battery charge in the Apple Watch efficiently when needed, as the new pattern can be activated manually, or via the control center or the smart watch settings menu.

This pattern is scheduled to start working automatically when the charging rate drops at 10%, and the pattern is automatically disabled when the charging rate rises to 80%.

The new charging-saving mode also disables some of the features that consume more battery, which includes the “Always On display” feature, with heart rate monitoring notifications, heart rate tracking, and blood oxygen levels, with exercise reminders and alerts turned off.

The mode also turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if the iPhone isn’t connected, or you’re away from the phone’s perimeter.

The system is scheduled to restart an application when needed, and notification delivery is postponed to every hour in the event that the smart watch approaches the vicinity of the phone.


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