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We now offer you to download the BIG BANG Evolution game for Android, with a direct and fast link, for free, via the Direct App and Games website. Discover how easy it is to turn explosives into weapons you never thought technologically possible.

Download BIG BANG Evolution for Android

BIG BANG Evolution for Android – Are you absolutely sure that a nuclear bomb is the most terrible form of mass destruction? This game project will prove the opposite to you, as you can become the engine of evolution, as you will unlock a simple bomb, as well as the latest technology of destruction.

Choose certain ways of evolution, everything is in your hands, and life on Earth too. You can invent a new bomb, put an end to everything that happens and make all your dreams come true. Discover new worlds, apply the most advanced technology here, and try to get rid of everything that looks like a living thing.

In this game project, 12 different worlds will be available, which will be located in different universes and have their own unique features.

The first atomic bombs, modern weapons and everything that can destroy this world. The development of the latest technology and ancient artifacts as well as the power of amazing items will help you change this world as the most amazing galaxy wars, the perfect feature.

In addition to the original energy that will betray you a lot of amazing inventions. All you have to do is incredible.

Description of the game BIG BANG Evolution for Android

BIG BANG Evolution for Android – Determine the development of explosive devices with one touch of your finger. Get more perfect bombs and conquer the world. destroy civilizations. In this Android game, you can deal with developing bombs.

There is an absolute weapon capable of destroying civilization in every historical era and at every stage of technological development. You will develop these weapons and try to create the most powerful bomb in the world. Perhaps, in the process of experimenting, you will destroy the world. But don’t be sad because you have many other worlds at your disposal.

Do you want to experiment with weapons and explosives without taking risks? The famous Casual Azur Games studio invites us to play with all kinds of weapons in a relaxing game where we will have to discover the most destructive bombs.

the way of playing

BIG BANG Evolution for Android is a relaxing game with clicker elements in which we will join the arms race to earn money with our own weapons. Our task will be to experiment with explosives to create increasingly powerful explosives.

The game system is very simple, since we will only have to combine two equal weapons to create a new and more destructive weapon. To get a new substance, we have to touch the fallen spheres. And to combine equal weapons, we can touch them or drag our finger across the screen.

The higher the level of our weapon, the more useful it is (although we can also earn money by touching weapons more frequently). Any profits we make can be invested in new bombs or improvements. Therefore, we can discover new weapons and new worlds.

Throughout the game, we will travel through 12 worlds based on the evolution of the universe and elements, starting with the simplest one: gunpowder. From this point on, we can develop 50 new weapons.

Features of downloading the game BIG BANG Evolution for Android

  • Bright graphics.
  • 12 fantasy worlds.
  • devastating bombs.
  • fun game.

Download the game

Do you think the atomic bomb is the most evil weapon out there?

Play Big Bang Evolution and you’ll see how the simplest explosives evolve into weapons beyond what you thought technologically possible!

You are in control of how it develops, so choose wisely! A new bomb in a certain era does not mean the end,

And this means that you are ready to open new worlds and try out new branches of evolution!

Game description

BIG BANG EVOLUTION – This is an epic game in the genre of clickers, where you have to invent and carry through stages many diverse weapons

that could destroy the whole world. About each of these types you probably know. Now the user can independently become the engine of the evolution of weapons

mass destruction. It all starts with inventing the most ordinary and weak bombs, but then you can improve them, and make more serious ones so that you can collect them

Nuclear missiles. Developing system of ages and upgrading your skills much more. You will find a real disaster in the final game of

Persians, but not everyone can get to the end. Everything that happens in the evolution of the Big Bang connects with reality and becomes more exciting. in

Try to unlock all worlds and enjoy their possibilities. Exquisite design, graphics and simple operation will bring joy to the most serious professionals.

Journey through the ages and learn about the secret weapons hidden in time and space!

The game begins in the era of the first bombs with a simple explosive powder capable of evolving into 50 new forms!

Play through several times to get the full picture of the evolution of the universe!

Start your journey through the world of weapons now

Game features

Play through 12 worlds based on the evolution of the universe and the elements:

  • The first bombs
  • modernity
  • Taming corn
  • chemistry square
  • Future bombs
  • antiques
  • elemental force
  • Esoteric
  • galaxy wars
  • Endless power
  • primordial energy
  • Unforgiving thermal insufficiency

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