Download PES 6, the original version for the computer, from Mediafire

Download PES 6 for the computer from Mediafire in a small size, here you download the original PES 6 game that can be described as legendary, PES 2006 is one of the most successful football games in the PES series of games that revolutionized the spread and knowledge of that series, until surprisingly it is still To this day, it enjoys the passion of many, despite the emergence of dozens of the most advanced games, and the reason behind this is the simplicity of downloading the PES 2006 game for the computer, the control method, and the smooth dynamics of the game.

PES 6 was released in 2006 for many operating platforms spread at the time, the most important of which is the Microsoft Windows operating system, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, and it is developed by the leading Japanese company KONAMI in the field of video game development, and its best work is the PES series of games, which is one of the most successful game series In the world that released its most important versions, download the original PES 2006 for the computer with the best possible pleasure.

The user will not face any problem related to the operating requirements due to the simplicity of the capabilities of downloading the compressed PES 6 game for the computer, as it is considered one of the light games compared to current standards, which means that downloading PES 6 is suitable for most computers, even devices with weak capabilities, until the matter is not limited to this point, In fact, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is small in size and will not take up much storage space on the hard drive.

About downloading the original PES 6 for PC

Realistic players:

Topping the cover of downloading the PES 6 game for free is the original version of the computer, the Brazilian star Adriano, who joins the Italian club Inter Milan, and he is one of the many stars, most notably the center of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, and there is also Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, with the presence of Ronaldinho, who joins the ranks of the Spanish club Barcelona and the Spanish national team Brazil and many other Pro Evolution Soccer 6 stars at the time.

Most of the aforementioned names with Download pes 6 The original retired from football not long ago, and you will not be able to obtain these distinguished professionals except through the official version, knowing that through patches you can get the current stars with their real skills with a good match in the shape and features of the players within PES 2006 and reality.

Each professional has his own skills and style in dribbling, shooting, and even scoring goals, along with his defensive and offensive capabilities and many other capabilities that distinguish each star from others. It is worth noting that the user can adjust the levels of members of one team, such as increasing the accuracy of shooting or tackles and speed, but do not exaggerate In doing so PES 6 does not lose its fun.

International clubs and teams:

A large number of famous and strong clubs and teams are officially inside the game, as it contains many giant clubs from the continent of Europe, such as Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Inter Milan, as well as dozens of other clubs from various European leagues known to all. By downloading the game PES 2006.

At the national level, after downloading PES 2006 from Mediafire for the computer, you can enjoy many international teams full of stars, such as Brazil, Italy, Spain, England and many others. This is on the global level and on the Arab level. There is the Egyptian national team, the Saudi national team, the Algerian national team, and many Arab and African national teams. By downloading PES 6 from Mediafire.

More about downloading the PES 6 game for the computer:-

Create your own team:

It is possible to create a team from scratch in the PES 2006 game and play with it as a team of its own, which naturally means that the user must create all members of the group, starting from the shape, features, and height, through the haircut of each star and the way to celebrate scoring goals, and even his defensive capabilities and the accuracy of passing and shooting. And play with the head with the possibility of creating a name for each individual.

In Pro Evolution Soccer 6, the freedom to choose the design and color of the team’s shirt when downloading the original PES 6, in addition to the stadium that would host group matches and training. Of course, it takes a lot of time, but in the end you will get your dream team, It is also possible to create a star and add it to one of the clubs in PES 6.

Multi-angle photography:

There are a good number of shooting angles for the stadium, and there is no doubt that each user prefers one shooting angle over the other, until the multiplicity of shooting angles allows differentiation from among many sub-angles other than the main shooting angle that gives the feeling as if you are watching a realistic match with the shooting angle Al-Amoudi, and much more with the original PES 2006 download for PC.

Many Arab commentators:

It is possible to add the Arabic commentary that gives the matches an enthusiastic character by downloading PES 6 for the computer from Mediafire, and we have chosen for you the best and most famous Arab commentators, most notably the Tunisian Issam Shawali, Raouf Khalif, the Saudi Fahd Al-Otaibi and the Egyptian Medhat Shalaby, while preserving the commentators of the original version in different international languages ​​by downloading PES 6 PC game from Mediafire in a small size.


The tactics options in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 are not as deep as in the new versions, as they allow many things to be done, such as the way the game is played and the employment of one of the team’s staff to closely monitor the most prominent stars of the opposing team, with the ability to switch between defense and attack easily and give Greater flexibility for players to move around the field, and you can save the plan for reference later.

Control with downloading PES 6 from Mediafire:

Match options:

There are many options available before the start of the match when playing and downloading the PES 6 game for free, the original version, some of which are compulsory and the other optional, where before the start of the kick-off, it is possible to choose the stadium hosting the match and compare between a large group of the most famous stadiums in the world, most notably the San Siro stadium, as well as choosing the timing of the match Day or night and the duration of the two halves of the match.

After downloading PES 6 in a small size, you will find that these options also allow the ability to set a custom referee for the match, choose the shape and design of the ball and its color, and choose the shirt for the two sides of the match, taking into account that the colors of the shirts of the two teams are not close together so that users do not find it difficult to differentiate between the two teams, while allowing modification to the options Rainy weather, snowfall and more with PES 2006.

Easy control:

PES 6 has always been distinguished from the versions after it with ease of control unlike other versions, which many considered that its control system is relatively complex, until the matter with this official version is completely different and you will not find any difficulty in controlling, knowing that it is characterized by speed and ease of scoring goals , which increases the number of goals in matches after downloading PES 2006 from Mediafire.

Egyptian league:

Enjoy the Egyptian League teams by downloading the original PES 6 game, such as Al-Ahly, Zamalek, Ismaily, Al-Ittihad Alexandria, Pyramids, and many famous Egyptian Premier League clubs, by downloading the Egyptian League patch for PES 2006 at the bottom of the article, knowing that the levels and shapes of the people of each team have been carefully designed Super and a form that touches reality to a large extent after downloading PES 6 from Mediafire.

Converting PES 6 to PES 22:

It is possible through the patch to convert PES 6 to PES 2022, available at the bottom of the article, to obtain a completely new game, as this patch includes all player transfers, new clothes with their real designs, correct teams and logos, and improve graphics, with the addition of some distinctive playing fields as well as the Egyptian League in the same patch with good graphics After downloading the game PES 2006 for the computer, as well as many things that give a realistic atmosphere.

Features of downloading the original PES 6 for PC from Mediafire:-

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 has good graphics with real accurate graphics.
  2. Lightweight and suitable for most computers without high operating requirements.
  3. League and cup tournaments can be organized with a knockout system.
  4. Create your own team from scratch by designing players, levels, etc.
  5. Matches full of great goals thanks to the speed of the match and the simple control system.
  6. It fits all different versions of Windows without any problems or restrictions.
  7. The original PES 6 game for PC can be downloaded for free from Mediafire.

Pictures from inside the game

Download pes 6

Download the original PES 6

PES 6 game download

PES 6 game download

Download PES 2006 for PC

Download pes 2006

A video explaining PES 6 and converting it to eFootball 2022 for the computer

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Information about the game PES 2006 on the computer: –
💿The name of the game Pro Evolution Soccer 6
🏢the Producing company Konami
🖥Compatible with windows
📊game size 838MB
💿game version PES6
🗓Update date November 17, 2022
🌐game language multilanguage
📁 Category soccer games

Minimum requirements for running and downloading the PES 6 game
Healer Pentium 4/Athlon or better
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce2 MX+ / ATI Radeon 7500
random memory 512MB Memory RAM
space on the hard disk 1GB Space
a program DirectX9
The operating system Windows XP, Windows 10/8/7

Download PES 6 the original version for the computer from Mediafire

Pro Evolution Soccer 2006

(the official version and the original version)

the size : 838MB

Medhat Shalaby, Fahad Al-Otaibi

the size : 414MB

Raouf Khalif, Essam Chawali

the size : 234MB

Patch Pes 6 Egyptian League

the size : 443MB

PES 6 to PES 2022 conversion patch

(Including the Egyptian League, the latest transfers and Arabic commentary)

the size : 1.4 GB

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