Download Torch Browser for PC

Internet browsers are among the programs that users search for most, whether they are computer users or mobile devices, because they represent the window through which they can communicate with the world, and it is known that there are some famous browsers such as the famous Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browser, and Opera browser, but the user is always looking for Therefore, we have chosen one of the best Internet browsers to offer you Download Torch Browser for PC.

Download Torch Browser for PC

Download Torch Browser for PC is one of the browsers that is characterized by great speed in its performance and high ease of use, as it is considered the fastest browser in the world, as it outperforms most large browsers in terms of speed of performance, such as the famous Firefox browser, Google Chrome and Opera.

The Torch program adopted the famous browser system Google Chrome in its speed and the Firefox program in terms of ease of use and made it compete with major browsers around the world and became used by hundreds of millions of users around the world, the Torch browser program is not a traditional program but it is a really smelly program that deserves to be tried because of its features And many and various features that we will present to you in this article, but now you can download the program from the Direct App website through a direct link.

Program explanation

Torch Browser is a free and lightweight web browser built with Chromium source code, it offers several features that are all media focused such as media grabber, torrent downloader, media player, music player and download accelerator, which users can also download and play free games with this tool. The wonderful program.

Developed by Torch Media Inc, this Internet browser has a very elegant design that is easy to navigate and use. It also features an easy sharing function that allows users to share content and media on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter without switching tabs or windows.

The program is very popular and works as a great alternative to other popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Tor Browser, UC Browser, and Chromium.

As we said earlier, the browser is a free web browser based on Chromium source code. Users who have used Google Chrome, or other Chromium-based browsers, will find Torch’s interface very familiar to them. The only difference is that this new web browser is more focused on media. , allowing users to easily download audio files, movies, and shows.

While there are many positive points about the browser, there are some drawbacks. For starters, the web browser is not compatible with many Google Chrome extensions, which means that you won’t be able to expand Torch’s capabilities with the extensions you constantly rely on. Furthermore On top of that, if you want to use Torch Browser’s built-in movie app, you’ll have to grant access to a third-party VPN app first.

Program Advantages

Torch Browser for PC has many advantages, including the following:

  • You can quickly download any streaming video or audio files with just one click.
  • The browser is an all-in-one torrent downloader that makes downloading software, movies, TV shows, and music easy.
  • The browser works as a media player with most audio and video formats and can even play torrent files.
  • Personalize your Facebook Page by choosing new background colors, fonts, and themes.
  • Play thousands of popular songs from top artists around the world for free.
  • You can create multiple playlists, and Torch will give you the option to play music video from YouTube at the same time.
  • You can play hundreds of fun and safe games, from puzzles, racing, arcades and more.
  • The browser’s integrated sharing system makes it easy to quickly share links to social networking sites.
  • Torch has a built-in accelerator that works in the background to split large files into smaller pieces.
  • Supports torrent files, where you can download any torrent file of any size.
  • You do not need any external programs with your browser as it provides you with a great tool to manage your downloads.
  • Supports all known international languages, including Arabic, English, French and many other languages.
  • The wonderful browser has a very light interface that works flexibly and does not need strong specifications.

Torch Browser or Torch Torch Browser is a program for surfing the Internet and accessing websites and blogs, and it is one of the latest browsers. Download the Torch Arab browser for free – download the Torch program from free browsers for life and you do not need any cash fees to use it. As for its importance, it helps you browse websites All smoothly and without any restrictions in use.

Torch Browser is characterized by its great speed in opening websites on the Internet, and it also has a superior ability to achieve the highest levels of protection and security, so it makes you use the Internet while you are safe and without any threats from the Internet. Regarding security, do not worry, it provides you with safety on the Internet and maintaining User privacy while browsing and provides the ability to clear cookies, cache files and temporary files that are stored while browsing.

Torch Browser 2021 for PC latest version Download Torch Browser It is considered one of the most popular Internet browsers for downloading and using on the Internet, because it provides users with sharing web pages directly on the Facebook account, Twitter account, or Google Plus account. And it contains a tool to speed up downloading files.

Download Torch Browser

Downloading Torch Browser is considered the most powerful of the new Arabic and English browsers on the scene because of its advantages and characteristics, and because it provides the user with a powerful and comprehensive search engine that allows you to search for anything such as searching for videos on YouTube, searching for images, or searching in the Wikipedia encyclopedia and in the recent period The instant translator, Google Translate, has been added to translate texts and web pages directly through a free internet browser.

Also, downloading Torch Browser for free for the computer has been developed and designed by its designers with extreme precision and high-quality care to be the best and most powerful browser and be a fierce and powerful competitor to many browsers on the scene and to be the lightest and fastest in surfing the Internet and allow opening games on the Internet quickly without The browser is slow and has a beautiful and stable graphical interface.

It contains important tools for browsing the user’s favorite sites and allows the user to open several pages at the same time without affecting the performance of the device and supports the opening of new and multiple pages in one page and the easy and fast transition between those pages. For information, the Torch Browser is based on the core of Google Chrome, the Torch program Browser allows you to change the default background of the browser to wallpapers of a special nature that suit the user and his liking.

The Torch browser for the computer is comprehensive, as it eliminates the need to install some service programs such as Flash Player to play Internet video files or the Java program to run games online because all of these programs are already present on the Torch browser for the computer, in addition to that the ability to download torrent files directly And with ease, as we mentioned before, it eliminates the need for torrent programs to facilitate the process of downloading files without the need for any other programs.

The Torch browser relied entirely on the Google Chrome browser system in its speed and on the Firefox browser in terms of ease of use, and this made it in the field of strong competition with huge browsers.

download Torch for PC

It is characterized by its great speed in surfing the Internet because it was designed and developed based on the fast and famous Google Chrome browser, so Torch Media developed the performance of this browser until it was able to gain wide fame in the world in general and in the Arab world in particular, due to the simplicity of its interface and ease of dealing with it for all users as it supports The Arabic language and allows you to save the important pages that you visit continuously in a list called favorites so that you can return to them at any time you want and you can visit your browsing history and see the sites you visited earlier and enable you to delete some pages that you do not want to be in the browser history History.

Also, there is another feature on this browser, which is a feature that changes the look of Facebook Torch Facelift, as this feature allows you to change the look of your Facebook if you are tired of its traditional appearance. More details or automatically by using one of the ready-made covers.

There is also another feature in the Torch smart browser for the computer, which is Torch Games, which allows you to play many fun and interesting games. Torch Browser contains a powerful search engine that enables you to quickly and easily access the required sites that many users depend on to download programs, files and videos very quickly. It is also considered one of the free programs that allow you to download various types of files from torrents Torch Browser is the lightest free browser for the computer And use it on your computer to surf the Internet for free and for life.

Explanation of installing the Torch browser for the computer, the latest version of Torch Browser

After downloading Torch Browser Torch Browser The latest version for free. You find the installation file for the program that you have in the download folder of the latest programs, as in the following image. Click on it, and then follow the rest of the steps, as in the following images.

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