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How to reduce the size of mobile images easily and without software

Are you looking for An easy way to reduce the size of images before uploading to the Internet? In this topic, we will share how to use the best online site that allows you to compress images for free for iPhone or Android and also for the computer.

How to reduce image size on mobile

Compressing image size will help website owners to open their websites faster. It will also help users save mobile storage space, or the process of reducing the size of images can also contribute to uploading images in JPG and PNG formats to communication sites quickly without wasting the internet package.

Resize the images Useful way to reduce the size to a few kilobytes or even megabytes, and at the same time keeping the picture in high quality. Each image contains a lot of redundant data, and when it is compressed, nothing changes in quality.

Why are the images reduced in size?

Image downsizing is a technique by which the data inside an image is compressed. Its purpose is to compress the image size so that data can be stored and transmitted without taking up too many resources.

Compressing images is a good step when you want to upload an image to a site, because sometimes some sites require different sizes of images. This is why the user wonders how to reduce the image size to meet the requirements of the site.

A particular site may require an image of less than 30KB, less than 500KB, or even an image of less than 1MB before submitting an application, for example a passport application.

The advantages and benefits of reducing the size of images can be summarized in these points:

  • Save more storage space on mobile
  • Faster loading of web pages
  • Post photos to social networks faster
  • Meet the requirements of some websites when applying

How to compress images using the best online tool

There are many different ways to compress the size of an image, whether the format is JPG, PNG, or GIF. There are websites, software and mobile apps to help you compress images in a few simple steps.

However, in this explanation, the method of reducing the size of images on the mobile phone will be clarified, because the process of adjusting the size of images online is faster and easier and you do not need to download anything.

Resize multiple images using CompressJPEG

The free CompressJPEG site allows you to resize several images at once with one click of a button online, in addition to controlling the desired size you want.

This tool uses powerful compression technology in order to reduce the image size without compromising its quality. It is an effective way to reduce file size. The site works effectively for iPhone as well as for Android alike.

To you How to resize images in high quality With the CompressJPEG online tool, all you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the CompressJPEG website
  2. Click on the “Upload Files” button to choose the image file
  3. Select the image or images that you want to reduce the size of
  4. The image will appear with the percentage of reduction in size
  5. If you agree, just download it
  6. Otherwise, click on the image for more compression
  7. Drag the reducer to get the desired result (eg 30 kb)
  8. Click on the “Apply” button and then on the “Download” button to download it

CompressJPEG image resizing

If you selected multiple image files in Step 3, repeat the same process for the rest of the image files, then download the images bundled into a ZIP file.

Resize images and other features with ResizePixel

ResizePixel helps you Resize images without losing qualityIn addition to other features, which are resizing, cropping, converting, rotating, and mirroring images.

ResizePixel allows you to automatically reduce the image size or adjust the compression ratio depending on how many kilobytes or megabytes you want. This online tool is free, so you can work with as many photos as you want.

  • Resize images in kilobytes using the Compress tool
  • Adjust the size or dimensions of the image in pixels using the Resize tool
  • Crop or crop the image with the Crop tool
  • Make the image mirrored horizontally or vertically using the Mirror tool
  • Rotate the image left or right using the Rotate tool
  • Convert the image to PNG, JPG, WEBP, or GIF with the Convert tool

Here are the steps on how to use the site via a computer or phone for Android and also for iPhone for Reducing and compressing images to the smallest size Using free online tools.

  1. Open the ResizePixel website
  2. Click on the “Upload Image” button to choose the image file
  3. Then choose the image you want to edit
  4. Click on the “Compress” option.
  5. Choose “Auto” to automatically reduce the image size
  6. Or select “Compress file to” and specify the size (KB or MB)
  7. Click on the “Compress” button and the reduction percentage and the new size will appear
  8. Finally, click on the “Go to Download” button to download the image

ResizePixel images

Beside Image compression feature on the siteYou can also try other features provided by the site in order to modify the image in other respects, as explained in the points above. For example, it is possible to convert an image from JPG to PNG or vice versa and reduce its size only by using the “Convert” and “Compress” tools on the same site.

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