Tesla emphasizes the superiority of its own charging system over CCS connectors

Tesla confirmed the efficiency of the company’s charging system compared to other systems used by electric car manufacturers.

Tesla recently introduced the company’s charging system to electric vehicle manufacturers or companies not affiliated with the Supercharger network, as Tesla stresses that the port and connectors for the charging system are the best compared to the NACS system used by other companies.

Tesla emphasizes that the NACS technology is superior to a system that does not include moving parts, as it comes in a smaller size, and performs twice as strong compared to the CCS charging system.

On the other hand, the “Munro and Associates” team conducted tests for the performance of the charging systems, as the tests confirmed the superiority of Tesla’s NACS system over other systems and standards used by electric vehicle manufacturers.

The Tesla system also features a compact and lighter design. The Tesla system also comes with higher efficiency and an elegant design in the car.


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