Tesla is the first company to use TSMC chips with a manufacturing accuracy of 4 nanometers

The latest reports confirmed that Tesla is the first manufacturer of electric cars to use TSMC’s 4-nm chips, which support self-driving technology with 3 times better performance.

Samsung was able to obtain requests to supply Tesla cameras for self-driving technology, but Tesla turned to TSMC to support self-driving technology with chips based on 4-nanometer manufacturing accuracy and also distinguished chips with 5-nanometer manufacturing accuracy.

And the Tesla interface for self-driving, distinguished by artificial intelligence technology, was based during the last period on Samsung Hardware 3.0 chips, as the chips were initially distinguished by a 14-nanometer manufacturing accuracy, and then they were presented with distinguished chips with a manufacturing accuracy of 7 nanometers.

It is planned that users will be able to upgrade to the new computing system that is based on more efficient manufacturing precision through a specific value from the company.

TSMC will also be the exclusive supplier of chips for Tesla’s hardware 3.5/4.0 platform or the next generation of chips based on 4 or 5 nm manufacturing accuracy.

The leaks also indicate that the new FSD platform will come with 3 times faster performance, with higher energy efficiency.


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