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Top 5 professional photo editing apps on the phone

If you browse social networks, you know how much people love to post their selfies on their profiles. Therefore, selfie editing apps on the phone came to help users improve their photos before uploading them to social networks.

Selfie editing apps

While all you need to add a personal photo on social media is the camera app integrated with the phone system, whether Android or iPhone, there are actually apps available to help you improve your personal photos.

In this article, we have collected 5 free selfie apps that will help you professionally edit selfies directly on your smartphone without using any software.

What is a photo editing app?

A photo editing app is a mobile app designed to let you edit photos directly on your smartphone. For a business, this means that you can display your products in a professional way just by using a mobile phone and without the need to use professional paid photo editing software like Photoshop.

On the personal side, this type of application will help you to edit your personal photos and make them look perfect before uploading them to your account on social networks.

These free applications offer a wide range of various features and functions, which makes them great photo editing tools. You can also use automatic settings for different scenes of images, and then choose between them without having to do it manually, which will save you time and effort.

Selfie editing apps using a smartphone

When it comes to taking a good selfie, there are a few factors that come into play. Make sure you have a steady hand, a neutral background, and good lighting.

But even if you check all of these factors, there are other things you can do to make sure your selfie looks really cool! The apps below will help you to take and edit your selfies very easily.

1. Beauty Plus: Selfie Camera & Editor App

BeautyPlus offers a variety of stickers, filters, and even ready-made templates to quickly create a good-looking selfie. You can use the versatile makeup option that allows you to filter and smooth the face, as well as lipstick and eyebrow and eyelash styles.

You can also remove pimples and scars to get clean skin in selfies. It also offers face slimming and teeth whitening tools for the perfect selfie.

Beauty Plus app

Download the photo editing application on Android (BeautyPlus) or iPhone (BeautyPlus).

2. Face Tone Editor: Edit selfies easily

Facetune Editor allows you to correct facial imperfections and other tools such as teeth whitening, face slimming or fattening, brightening your eyes, treating eyebrows, and achieving bright makeup. The app also provides advanced tools for changing the light source, removing shadows, and adjusting color temperature and saturation.

FaceTone Editor application

Download the Facetune Editor app for Android or iPhone.

3. Retrica: apply effects and filters

Retrica is a selfie app that offers tons of filters to make your selfies look stylish and attractive. You can preview many filters before taking the photo. The app supports selfies with shots from different angles. You can share your photos on social media platforms easily after you are done editing the photo.

Retrica application

Download the personal photo editing application on Android (Retrica) or iPhone (Retrica).

4. Airbrush: An easy-to-use photo editor

The AirBrush app gives you a lot of options if you are obsessed with creating the perfect selfie. You can get rid of most skin tone and skin blemishes in one swipe, but the best features in the app are the ability to enlarge your eyes, slim your face, and make your nose smaller.

Airbrush application

Download the selfie editing app on Android (AirBrush) or iPhone (AirBrush).

5. Semira: Edit photos with a built-in selfie camera

Cymera lets you edit your selfies with 150 free filters and effects that will help you smooth skin and hair. Body lift can shrink your waist or reshape your legs. The application also provides you with a set of camera lenses in order to take pictures of a special and distinctive nature. It also offers you a variety of stickers and effects to use on your photos.

Simera application

Download the application to edit selfies on Android (Cymera) or iPhone (Cymera).

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